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WQAL-104.1 FM - Cleveland Connection

May 28, 2006

WQAL-104.1 FM

Jeannette's interview with info-man Jim McIntyre [WDOK/WQAL] from February 2006 is replayed to help promote her presentation at the June 4 Tea & Tango.

From the WDOK website...

The Women's Center of Greater Cleveland helps heal addicts. Patients pay based on income, and some pay nothing. That's why the Women's Empowerment Board made the Women's Center its beneficiary for this year's WEB fundraising event, called Tea & Tango. TV 3 reporter Jacque Smith founded WEB, now in its second year. She is joined by Mary Jane Chichester, Executive Director of the Women's Center of Greater Cleveland. - 216-556-0304 - 216-651-1450

Dr. Tango, the tango component to the Tea & Tango benefit, is Dr. Jeannette Potts, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. She also has a passion for tango dancing, and she combines the two seemingly divergent interests to treat her patients, and to motivate others, from all walks of life.

Promoting Tea & Tango, Jeannette is flanked by her tango instructor Rick Ramos and WKYC-TV 3 personality, WEB founder and mother-to-be, Jacque Smith.
What is business but a dance between two companies?
What is life but a dance between people?
— Jeannette Potts, M.D. - Dr. Tango
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