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The last weekend in Buenos Aires

April 3, 2012

Sorry to go backwards in time but there is so much that we left out.  We had so much fun with the tango crowd in BA that we wanted to show our appreciation.  On the last Friday we hosted a lunch at the studio after the noon lesson—empanadas, pizza and beer.  This rapidly degenerated into a big party with entertainment by Jeannette and Javier; Jeannette sang her favorite arias and zarzuelas and Javier answered with his favorite tangos.  The rest of us focused on beer and applauding. It was quite special to be surrounded by such a global village during this small celebration, with tango dancers from Czech Republic, Italy and Washington state…

On Saturday night we took all Jeannette’s dance partners out to dinner (somehow all Chris’ ladies could not make it—perhaps at home nursing their broken toes).  We had a great 7 course meal with deep discussion about what it means to be an artist.  It seems that everyone there was not only a great dancer but had other artistic talents as well.  Fun and inspirational.

Finally, on Monday, right before heading to the airport, we went to lunch at the famous Don Julio steakhouse with Chris’ Spanish tutor, Agustin.  Besides teaching he is studying linguistics at university and performs with a local theatre company as part of his artistic outlet. He was really a great tutor and a fun guy, don’t let Chris’ lack of Spanish expertise fool you.

See the Gallery--it will give you a good idea about the unique tango studio.

What is business but a dance between two companies?
What is life but a dance between people?
— Jeannette Potts, M.D. - Dr. Tango
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