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COSE Small Business Conference - Stress Management Techniques

October 12, 2006


Implementing Stress Management
Techniques in Your Work Life


As a general rule, the more successful you become, the more stress you take on. Mastering stress management techniques is a necessity and a skill in itself. Dr. Tango presented her unique brand of motivational speaking and employee training and development when she co-conducted a workshop on reducing stress in the workplace to COSE Conference attendees on Thursday, October 12. Her interactive presentation used the metaphors of tango and live dance demonstrations to teach how to keep a positive attitude and passion for life.

The 2006 COSE Small Business Conference took place on October 12-13 at Cleveland's International Exposition Center (I-X Center), and was one of the largestgatherings of small business owners and entrepreneurs, drawing more than 1,200 attendees from across Northeast Ohio.

The conference connected participants through two days of national small businesskeynote speakers, exhibitors and a business resource center. It also provided access to new ideas and networking opportunities, withmore than 50 workshops and countless opportunities for formal andinformal meetings.

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What is business but a dance between two companies?
What is life but a dance between people?
— Jeannette Potts, M.D. - Dr. Tango
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